Airport Simulator 2013 (English Version) App Reviews

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Hours of fun

The game runs perfectly. Just a tad bit of lag but it is not continuous it only pops up every few minutes or so and goes away after a few seconds. It opens right away for me. And on my mac it didn’t buy it automatically and i have had it for a couple of years now. Runs fine. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Especially those who work at airports, including pilots.

Doesn’t even open

Can’t even get your money back. This is a crime. Don’t download it no matter how cool you think the graphics look.

Wish it Would load

I downloaded the game and got to page 5 of 7 in the levels and when I open it on my 15” MBP it goes to a black screen and I can not do anything but comand-alt-esacpe to close it and try again. (It never works when I try again). Wish it would open so I could keep playing. 5 stars for gameplay but do to it not opening 90% of the time I had to knock it down 3 stars. Developers: PLEASE FIX


i though you can fly the planes too its just doing airport stuff and not flying such a disaster

Glitches a bit but still fun

I had a problem with the screen not aligning right with my 15"mbp but figured out you had to take it off full screen and then go back and select full screen again and it works. It's a fun game. A real good time waster.

Glitch on level 6

Please fix the glitch on level 6 that prevents the jetway from moving so that we may progress in the game. Thank you. Overall experience, the game is great.

its just awful

i cannot even normaly play because my keyboard just doesnt work!

these guys are crap

I just fully completed the whole game after buying it i was at first screwing myself for buying it because the guys have the really bad reviews but i never had any lag or glitch on this game its very fun to play worth every penny 5 stars

so and so

Really overall it a fun game! with me and i have a 27 inc imac and it it rarly glitches and it douse get a little boring after a while but is is a good game

Jet way glitch

there is a glitch on level 6 where the jetway gets stuck and you cant move it. this needs to be fixed

the worste game ever

i just bought it like an idiot not looking at the other reviews i bought it and it doesn't work if their is a way to get my money back that would help. if it was possible to rate no stars i would

Correct about glitch

The command key does not work and will not allow you to complete level 6! Therefore, you can not continue the game! Please fix :( i paid $22 and it doesnt even work. Otherwise the other levels were fine and fun!


There is a glitch that doesn't let you complete trainling level 6….can't actually play the game unless this gets flixed! Do not buy until this gets fixed!

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